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Magic Missile Candle | Fresh Ozone Scent


Missiles of glowing magical energy bolt forth from your fingertips, striking your enemy and bringing them to their knees! If this spell is available you can bet a caster will take it! This gorgeous candle shows off your love for one of the deadliest spells ever created.

Top notes of lemon, orange and fresh ozone give way to a heart of briny sea salt and a hint of jasmine. Powder and light musk balance the woody violet and cedar in the base.

9oz Amber Jar Glass Candle. Each candle is hand-poured in the USA. We use a non-toxic coconut wax blend and phthalate free aroma oils. Candle Diameter: 2.85 in. Candle Height: 3.46 in

***Do to the custom nature of this product, please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping***