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Counterspell Candle | Luscious Lavender Scent


In the heat of battle, the BBEG calls forth one of the most devastating spells in the known world. As your fellow adventurers realize what is about to befall them, you unleash your highest level spell and pray it's enough - "Counterspell!" - the word is ripped from your throat as the enemies intention is cast to the winds.

Allow yourself to relax in your momentary victory by getting swept away in this soothing scent - at least until your short rest is over.

This scent stays true to this classic, comforting Lavender flower while pairing it with notes of citrus, camphor and eucalyptus.

9oz Amber Jar Glass Candle. Each candle is hand-poured in the USA. We use a non-toxic coconut wax blend and phthalate free aroma oils. Candle Diameter: 2.85 in. Candle Height: 3.46 in